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No more diets, no more drama.  This is serious whole body and life transformation for happier, healthier you. Heal your hormones, your stress, your gut, and watch your body change before your eyes.
Natasha Uspensky, Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Natasha

I'm a women's holistic nutrition counselor, Ayurvedic practitioner, and healthy lifestyle expert.  I work with busy, highly motivated women who are ready to transform their bodies and their lives, to be healthier, happier, more energized and balanced... without dieting EVER again.

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Learn how to get perfect periods, holistically heal your fibroids, get more energy, or get off the diet train for good with my series of masterclasses and workshops!

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Online Program Now Enrolling

In just 12 weeks, learn how to transform your eating, lifestyle, body and mindset WITHOUT ever having to go on another diet again. Simple weekly steps, customized to your body and wellness goals!

Natural Beauty

What's Your Dosha?

Knowing your dosha is your first step towards understanding your body and what you need to feel your absolute best.  Take my Ayurvedic Body Type Assessment and download your free dosha guide to get you started!

A Holistic Approach

When you know what your body needs, true wellness is easy.

Hiding out and hating your body, or resorting to quick fixes and miraculous potions hasn't gotten you where you want to be (and here's a truth bomb: it never will). To get truly healthy, to free yourself from fads and dieting, and to get out there and live the life you dream of, you have to first understand what your body needs, and the beliefs and practices that are keeping you stuck.


True health and wellness isn't about quick fixes, deprivation, obsession, or unattainable goals.  It's about balance and working with your body to create a sustainable lifestyle that you can stick with.

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I have never encountered a nutritionist, diet/food book or expert who comes anywhere close to the realm within which Natasha operates. I give her my highest recommendation. Working with Natasha has been a dramatic life changer.

Leah V., NYC

From the Blog...

What's Your Ayurvedic Skin Type? (and why you should care)

The qualities of our skin, and the types of products that really help it stay healthy and beautiful, are directly related to our body type, our digestion, and our constitution in general.  Find out your Ayurvedic Skin Type and the best routines/products for you!

The Safest, Most Effective Cleaning Product I've Ever Found

Finding a natural cleaning product that's effective at killing everything while still being safe enough to use around our precious babies is of the utmost importance to me. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this amazing product, which, I kid you not, is pure MAGIC.

How to Boost Fertility and Get Pregnant Naturally

 Looking at all contributing factors such as diet, stress, lifestyle, quality of relationships, happiness, is just as important to fertility as identifying and treating underlying medical issues, but these factors are all too often ignored, even by the best reproductive endocrinologists.

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