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My life rapidly and dramatically changed as I had increased confidence in decision-making and more of myself emerged in the process... [Natasha] gave me the tools to renovate all the houses of my life and for that I am inexplicably grateful.


Rossana S., NYC


I work hard to support my community in many different ways at many different price points.  My masterclasses are a way to dive deep into a particular wellness topic of interest and gain powerful tools and action steps to create breakthroughs in your life.  I hold at least one free masterclass per month (make sure you're on my mailing list and/or following me on Instagram to get notified of new free classes!) and offer others for a small fee through my learning platform.

Free access to all masterclasses and workshops is included for current and past clients, as well as GGG members! Email me for access.

Have a subject you'd like me to cover?

Send me a note and let me know!

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Image by Imani Bahati

Learn the exact foods, herbs, and lifestyle practices to balance your hormones, banish PMS, and experience the perfect periods that are your birthright!

Image by Aditya Saxena

Get Your Energy Back 



Learn the foods and habits that are draining your energy and the simple shifts to help you get it back, and feel like yourself again (or maybe for the first time).


How Women 35+ Can Shed Weight without Dieting 


Learn the exact method I've used with hundreds of women to help them shed unwanted weight, feel more energy, and feel more confident in their bodies and lives! 

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F*k Those Fibroids


A powerful, deep-dive masterclass on all the latest the world of holistic healing has to offer to naturally heal and prevent fibroids.

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How to Stop Feeling Like Crap


A free workshop on how to heal your metabolism, periods, energy, mood, and gut... and start feeling like yourself again!


Learn the exact steps for moms to heal your depleted body and mind...and start feeling energized, joyful, healthy and radiant, no matter what stage of motherhood you're in.

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