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If this miracle [baby] has been possible it is also because of your intelligent, sensitive and dedicated advice and help..I won't ever forget it. Thank you Natasha.


Barbara M., Italy

Gorgeous Mama 


As women, our bodies are capable of the most amazing and miraculous things, the most dramatic of which is conceiving, growing, birthing, and nurturing a child.

But so much of our experience in getting pregnant, throughout our pregnany, and in the postpartum period (which can really last for years) depends on our overall health and how well we take care of our bodies. How we eat, move, and treat ourselves can mean the difference between a radiant, joyous pregnancy and first few years of motherhood, or one laden with nausea, anxiety, aches, pains, fatigue, and stress. Let's help you create the most beautiful and healthy experience possible!


This program is for you if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are a new mom (within the first few years of your child's life).  Some mamas like to split up their sessions to get support during all three phases (2-4 sessions preconception, 2-4 sessions during pregnancy, 2-4 sessions postpartum), which is an amazing gift to yourself during your transition into motherhood!

We will focus on...

  • Pre-conception:

    • Detoxifying your system from hormonal contraception, optimizing fertility, and cleaning up your diet and environment in preparation for a glowing, healthy, and calm pregnancy

    • Detoxifying your beauty and household products to eliminate toxic chemicals that can cause birth defects and other problems for your developing baby.

  • During pregnancy: 

    • Transitioning into a healthy pregnancy diet to maximize immunity, nutrition, detoxification, and building a healthy baby!

    • Exercise and stress management to keep mommy-to-be sane, balanced, and happy.

    • Strengthening your relationship with your partner.

    • Creating the space for a healthy, abundant pregnancy!

  • Postpartum: 

    • Encouraging emotional and physical healing after birth

    • Transitioning into a healthy diet that is optimized for breastfeeding and gradually losing the baby weight

    • Rediscovering joyful movement for your new body

    • Finding time for self-care during this exciting new time in your life

Your program includes...

  • An an-depth initial consultation where we'll discuss your goals for your pregnancy and postpartum period and create a plan to help you achieve them

  • Two 45-minute sessions a month for 3 or 6 months, or we create a custom schedule to accommodate your pregnancy

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Text message support for more urgent concerns and questions

  • Our signature Fertility Cleanse to reset and detoxify your system when you're ready (pre-conception or when you are no longer breastfeeding) -- $160 value

  • Customized meal plans with shopping lists

  • Customized handouts, recipes, and assessments

  • Personalized gifts, self-care tools, books, and CD's to support you in reaching your goals

  • Referrals to other holistic practitioners to support you through your pregnancy and postpartum period, as well as practitioners for your new baby

Program Health Investment:
6 sessions for $1700 // 12 sessions for $3400 
$100 off the pay in full option

Monthly payment plans are available

Need less support or a less intensive program? Check out

The Gorgeous Mama Strategy Sessions!

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