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I was eating pretty healthy before our sessions started - so I thought! Of course, there is always room for improvement and Natasha found a way to get me from good to great habits. Now I feel very balanced in energy and nourished from my diet, something that I was missing before.


Elena R., NYC

6 Session
Nourished & Supported


This 6-session add-on to the core Greens. Grains. Gorgeous. program gives you additional personalized support in reaching your goals, staying on track, and addressing and specific health concerns that might require a more customized approach. A healthy dose of support and the right guidance can go a long way, and make all the difference!

We will focus on...

  • Tweaking your healthy eating habits to reach the ideal weight for your body, and stay there!

  • Rebalancing your hormones, digestion, skin, and mood

  • Discovering new foods and ways of eating that help you feel your best

  • Understanding and reducing cravings

  • Increasing energy and improving sleep

  • Managing stress, and increasing self-care

  • Getting more consistent with your exercise, or taking it to the next level

  • Feeling better in your body

  • Bringing more balance to your life

  • Holistically healing any health concerns that are troubling you​

Your program includes...

  • An an-depth initial consultation where we'll discuss your goals and create a plan to help you achieve them

  • The entire 12-week core Greens. Grains. Gorgeous. curriculum

  • Two 45-minute 1:1 sessions a month for 3 months

  • Optional weekly group coaching/Q&A calls

  • Unlimited support between sessions in our private Facebook community

  • Customized supplement and herbal protocol

  • Customized meal plans with shopping lists

  • Customized handouts, recipes, and assessments

  • Referrals to other holistic practitioners, if needed

Program Health Investment:

$300 Fast Action Discount when you enroll within 48 hours of our Initial Consultation

Monthly payment plan options are available
All private sessions take place via Zoom
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