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Get Your Energy Back

Learn how to get your energy back and finally feel like yourself again (or for the first time), without coffee, stimulants, or naps!

Is this a typical day for you?

You wake up, groggy and still tired, possibly engage in several taps of the snooze button before dragging yourself out of bed. You make a beeline for the coffee which is your very lifeblood these days, and only start to feel like a human being after you’ve mainlined that into your system. You get through the morning, albeit your focus is less than ideal. You scarf down your lunch at your desk, and by 2pm you are dragging.


This is when all your resolve goes out the window and you start snacking on sugary, carb-y foods just to get through the rest of the day. By dinnertime you are STARVING and cranky, snapping at your kids and partner, and counting down the minutes to their bedtime. You usually fall asleep while you’re getting the littles to bed, but then drag yourself to the couch where you either zone out with a glass of wine in front of Netflix or do more work until far too late, when you guiltily take yourself to bed and start the whole mess all over again.

Some days (usually when you’re highly caffeinated) you feel like you can get it all done. But usually, you’re just getting by. You’re chronically exhausted, unfocused, irritable and know deep down that there has to be a better way; that you can’t just wait until the kids are older or until your job is less crazy or until [insert ideal life-altering circumstance here] happens to start feeling BETTER.


Well, guess what?! You don’t have to wait. There are things that you are doing (probably unconsciously) throughout the day that are robbing you of your precious energy, and simple shifts that you can make that make you feel 1000% times better.


Hi! I'm Natasha Uspensky,
Holistic Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Women's Wellness Expert

I have been working with women to bring ease, balance and vibrance to their health, bodies, and lives for over 11 years.  This workshop combines all of my extensive knowledge and experience (both personal and professional) in holistic health and natural healing to bring you powerful, actionable steps you can take NOW to have sustainable energy, balanced moods, and even improved food cravings!

In this 90 minute workshop we cover:

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Yes, I want to get my energy back!

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