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My life rapidly and dramatically changed as I had increased confidence in decision-making and more of myself emerged in the process... [Natasha] gave me the tools to renovate all the houses of my life and for that I am inexplicably grateful.


Rossana S., NYC



We make it our mission to support our clients in any way that we can. Our premium additional services are designed to add a deeper and more personalized hands-on experience. From how you shop and cook, to how you style your personal brand and show up in the world, these experiences allow you to go further in your transformation!

Cooking with

Ease and Confidence

Cooking should be a fun, fast, and enjoyable part of your week, not something to stress over!


Join me in a private or group cooking class where we'll go over easy techniques, meal ideas, tips and tricks! Topics include healthy, easy lunches for the week, quick dinner soups, healthy desserts, batch cooking, gluten-free or dairy-free cooking, and more!


$15-30 per person for groups  / $200-300 for private


Available only in the

Los Angeles area.

Your Dream Business

Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Creating your dream career is a big part of living a life you love, and it's no coincidence that so many of my clients leave their jobs to launch their dream businesses throughout their work together.


I get contacted all the time by people interested in health counseling or entrepreneurship, and unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to meet for a quick cup of coffee with everyone. 


My business mentorship programs can be anything from a 45 minute chat or a 2-hour strategy session, to ongoing support in building your dream business.  Let's get in touch to create what's best for you!

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